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Yin and Yang Yoga for Adults
Balancing holistic wellbeing by exploring the connections between the physical body and the mind through gentle or energised movement, the breath, relaxation and awareness.

Individual and small group sessions to suit personal needs, at home, at work or outdoors.

Yoga for Children & Teens
Nurturing physical skills, concentration, confidence and creativity in a calm atmosphere that enhances self-understanding and enables them to flourish.

Groups at home or outdoors.

Yoga for Families & Friends
Nourishing calm, playful and loving connections to others.

Hiking Yoga
Combining a hike and yoga in the natural environment is a unique experience of connection to natural energy and spaciousness.


Appreciate and explore the countryside of Hong Kong whilst benefiting from the positive physical and emotional effects of being in nature.

Any kind of hike can be organised: Easy, challenging, long, short, private, group, weekday, weekend.

Yoga for Schools
Collaborating with schools to create focused, balanced, happier young people through yoga and mindfulness.

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