Yoga Balasana


Carol leads sessions that are respectful of individual's requirements, whether the practice be gentle Yin or stronger Yang Yoga.

Sessions may be one-on-one, with families, friends or with groups of colleagues who wish to practice together.


Holistic Wellbeing

The elements of holistic wellbeing grow and balance when we explore the connections between the physical body and the mind through movement, use of the breath and relaxation. This deeper awareness aspires a mindful and purposeful practice in the sessions which flows into everyday life. It is an opportunity to slow down, de-stress and thereby actually feel rejuvenated.

Yang & Yin Yoga

By respecting what best suits the individual, sessions may focus on muscular strength, releasing tightness, relaxation. However, the mind is not far away, it is not separate from the body so movement evolves into a discovery, inquiry, the intermingling of bodymind. The practice becomes an engagement with self-awareness, self-care, response rather than reaction.

The Breath

Conscious use of the breath is an important feature of all sessions, creating calmness, awareness and assisting to balance the nervous system. It is the connection within the bodymind.



It's really important a yoga instructor is able to listen to your needs and work with you.

Thank you, Carol!