Carol leads yoga and mindfulness sessions in schools and collaborates with teachers to integrate yoga into learning for a series of lessons or stand-alone lesson.


As an educator within a collaborative school in the E.S.F. Carol has led innovations for helping teachers to develop a range of wellness practices.

The benefits of yoga for schools cover the full spectrum of life as a human being:

- By focusing students’ attention on the physical postures the body becomes a vehicle for learning about oneself emotionally and mentally

- Breathing practices slow us down and therefore enhance the growth of self-awareness

- Social activities engender understanding and empathy for oneself and others

This all leads to a balanced and a happier young person with a greater appreciation of life.

The wisdom that comes from many years of teaching enables Carol to respond to the diverse range of experiences and perspectives of her students, so that each session facilitates developmentally appropriate growth of self-awareness and of others. Colleagues often requested her to lead mindfulness sessions, which resulted in the groups consisting of 30 - 90 children and yoga classes were so popular they were capped at 30 students.

Carol also leads C.P.D. sessions for staff, to give them an insight into the benefits and the skills involved in teaching mindfulness and yoga to children.






Carol tailors her sessions for the needs and abilities of a range of children,

supporting them to access her teaching at their own comfort and pace.