Yoga for
Children & Teenagers,
Families & Friends

Children Vriksasana
Child meditation
Children Downward Facing Dog
Children Side Plank
Children Camel

Yoga for Children & Teens

Carol teaches yoga to children and teenagers, within organisations and schools and at wellness events. She is very experienced in leading mindfulness sessions for students and integrates developmentally appropriate practices into her young people’s yoga and mindfulness classes.

A series of yoga lessons revolves around a theme that is suited to the developmental age of the students. Themes for younger kids could be “people who help us” or “playing at yoga”; for 7 – 11 year olds, the body, nature, caring for each other; for teens, physical posture for daily life, acceptance, letting go of judging ourselves.

As a highly experienced educator, Carol plans each theme carefully, with multi-dimensional progression and variety to foster:

Focus and concentration

Physical strength



Emotional intelligence

Ability to relax

Social skills & empathy

Creativity and imagination

The sessions include: Asana, use of the breath, calming relaxation and a selection of creative art, yoga sequencing, yoga games, music, stories, poetry, knowledge, meditation, yoga dance or tai chi. Students gradually internalise the wide range of experiences so that the connection between the young person’s in-class yoga practice and their daily lives, enables them to thrive.

Carol has taught many non-English language users so she will happily lead sessions that simultaneously strengthen children’s understanding of English within the calm setting of yoga. As a class teacher, she developed her expertise helping students with individual needs, including those on the autistic spectrum and with A.D.H.D., and she is particularly experienced in using yoga to enhance sensory integration.

For Carol, one of the most rewarding aspects in working with primary aged children has been guiding them in collaboratively creating their own asana sequences. This most wonderfully highlights the positive changes in students' concentration and physical abilities, and their enjoyment of yoga.

Contact Carol if you would like to arrange classes or for her to communicate with your organisation, your child’s school or club to discuss setting up yoga classes.


Yoga for Families & Friends

Yoga connection parent child

Family yoga develops calm, playful and loving connections as parents and children work in partnership. Yoga with friends is great fun, the atmosphere that is cultivated develops understanding and empathy as the students assist, relax and partner each other.


Carol leads sessions for family and friends yoga for all ages, from the very young through to older teenagers, either as a series of sessions, as part of a theme, through schools, organisations or private arrangement.


Contact Carol if you would like to her to communicate with your organisation or child’s school or club to discuss setting up family yoga classes.



I love yoga because it’s my favourite after school activity.

I really like all the movements we make.

Sometimes they are hard,

but I get such a GREAT feeling

when I manage to do it.


Age 8