Yin & Yang Yoga for Adults

Yin yoga Balasana

Carol teaches Yin and Yang Yoga to adults at yoga studios, for corporate wellness events, for professional growth and with groups of colleagues who wish to practice together.


Yang yoga focuses on use of the muscles, whilst Yin gently loads the connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia. The physical aim is to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility. It also helps to regulate the body's flow of energy and involves conscious use of the breath. So, this is not an energetic work out, but it can be quite challenging. Keeping in the same postures for a period of time can be very calming and is an opportunity to tune into the connections between the body, mind, emotions and energetic aspects of our selves. Yang Yoga can be integrated within a Yin Yang class and also develops self awareness.


Contact Carol if you would like to discuss how she could contribute to wellness within your organisation through Yin Yoga.



Rejuvenating; reflective; meditative.  

Best combination to refresh myself. 

Andrea Kan